Working with Airport Lighting Systems

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This training provides fundamental knowledge that anyone working with airport lighting systems must know to keep themselves and their airport safe.  Photometric, electrical, and mechanical maintenance issues are presented as well as FAA EB 83A requirements and considerations, along with other precautions you should be aware of to keep you safe. Examine the basic systems and the critical safety visual signals provided to the pilot and important preventative maintenance practices required.  

All registrants will receive recordings of the training to view at their convenience for 90 days from their purchase.

Part 1 includes the following:

  • How we specify the performance requirements of airport lighting equipment
  • The terminology we use in defining light output
  • What are the four characteristics that define the quality of a light source?
  • The requirements for airport lighting and preventative maintenance
  • The function of FAA Advisory Circulars
  • What qualifications are required of those who maintain airport lighting systems?
  • Fundamentals of the airport lighting series circuit.
  • What about voltages on a constant current series circuit?
  • Why a series circuit should always be deenergized when maintenance is being performed on it?

Part 2 includes the following:

  • FAA specified systems and performance requirements.
  • LED light sources require changes in the performance requirements
  • Controlling LED fixture brightness using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).
  • Military Lighting requirements
  • Mounting Bases for all applications.
  • EB83A
    • Clarifications and ramifications of changes
    • Torque/Tension relationship
    • Fasteners that meet the requirements
    • Tools and helpful hints for installation and maintenance


This virtual training is $225 for the two session series.

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