Congratulations to Three New Accredited Airport Executives!

Adam Snider
September 20, 2018

Congratulations to the following three new Accredited Airport Executives, who passed their final interviews at the 2018 F. Russell Hoyt National Airports Conference in Anchorage, Alaska:

  • Adam Phelps, A.A.E., MBA, ACE, Airport Operations Manager, Spokane International Airport. His panel members were Terry Blue, A.A.E., ACE, Memphis International Airport; and Rebecca Hupp, A.A.E., Boise Airport. Phelps was mentored by Bruce Goetz, A.A.E., ACE of Denver International Airport.

  • Fabien Vivier, A.A.E., ACE, Associate Aviation Planner, Denver International Airport. His panel members were Jeremy Worrall, A.A.E., ACE, Fairbanks International Airport; Dmytro Burunchenko, A.A.E., ACE, Broward County Aviation Department; and Tommy Bibb, A.A.E., Nashville International Airport. Vivier was mentored by Bruce Goetz, A.A.E., ACE of Denver International Airport.

  • Ron Stella, A.A.E., ACE, Deputy Director of Operations, Lambert St. Louis International Airport. Stella’s panel members were John Johansen, A.A.E., P.E., Anchorage International Airport; Ed Foster, A.A.E., University Park Airport; and Brad Christopher, A.A.E., Wichita Airport Authority.
Becoming an A.A.E. is a great way to command respect in the airport industry. Since 1954, AAAE has been committed to the advancement of aviation professionals by granting the A.A.E. designation to those who have demonstrated their ability to handle the responsibilities of airport management. The program is open to Affiliate members of AAAE and IAAE. Having an A.A.E. is a useful credential when seeking employment within the airport management profession.

You can learn more about the A.A.E. process and download an application on our website.