Flashback Friday: Video of Central Nebraska Regional Airport in 1937

Adam Snider
March 16, 2018
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a lot more – especially when it’s from an airport dedication that happened more than 80 years ago.

This week’s Flashback Friday features a three-minute video of the 1937 dedication of Arrasmith Field (now known as Central Nebraska Regional Airport), which will celebrate its 81st anniversary later this year. Thank you to Michael J. Olson, A.A.E., the airport’s Executive Director, for sharing this fun bit of airport history.

In the 1920’s, the city of Grand Island, Neb., took over the an airstrip located at the end of East Fourth Street, where the first night air mail flight took place. United Airlines began air service in 1933 using the half-mile sod runways for its Boeing 247s.

The original name of the airport was Arrasmith Field, named after a local pilot and physician Dr. W.W. Arrasmith. At the dedication in 1937, local schools and businesses closed so that more than 5,000 locals could attend the event. The airport was renamed as Central Nebraska Regional Airport in 1985.

There is more history of GRI on the airport’s webpage.

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