Flashback Friday: BLI Grand Opening on "A Date Which Will Live in Infamy"

Adam Snider
May 18, 2018

Marie Duckworth, C.M., Landside Supervisor at Bellingham International Airport, wrote us to share a picture of her airport with a somber backstory. Bellingham's grand opening - as previewed on the front page of the Bellingham Herald - was December 7, 1941.

Marie writes: "The public was invited to come out and drive their automobiles on the new runway as part of the event. Dec. 7, 1941, in what would became an infamous day in American history with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The festivities of the airport’s opening day were overshadowed by the bombing and people somberly listened to radio reports of the Japanese attack as they drove BLI’s new runway. The airport was annexed by the military when the war started and was transferred back to municipal ownership as part of the War Surplus Act of 1945." 

Thank you for sharing, Marie!

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