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Airport Alert: Congressional Leaders Agree to Avoid Shutdown and Temporarily Extend Federal Funding

With a March 1 deadline for funding the DOT, FAA and several other federal departments and agencies quickly approaching, congressional leaders this afternoon announced a pathway for avoiding an imminent partial government shutdown.

Airport Alert: AAAE and ACI-NA Leaders Urge Lawmakers to Adopt Airport Priorities in Final FAA Bill

AAAE and ACI-NA leaders are urging lawmakers to adopt a long list of airport priorities in the final version of the FAA reauthorization bill.

Regulatory Alert: FAA Issues Final Rule to Implement Updated Airplane GHG Emissions Standards

On February 16, the FAA released a final rule aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from large aircraft operating within U.S. airspace.

Regulatory Alert: FAA Releases List of $970 Million in FY24 Airport Terminal Program Grants

On February 15, the FAA released a list of airport projects that will receive a share of $970 million in FY24 discretionary grants under the ATP, which was created by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Regulatory Alert: DOD and FAA Approve Second Fluorine-Free Firefighting Foam for Airport Use

On February 8, the DOD identified BIOEX ECOPOL A3+ MIL-SPEC as the second fluorine-free firefighting foam (F3) agent that meets the department’s F3 performance standards.

Airport Alert: Senate Committee Approves FAA Bill

After months of delay, the Senate Commerce Committee approved by voice vote a bipartisan five-year FAA reauthorization bill.

Hearing Report: FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker Appears at House Aviation Subcommittee Hearing

On February 6, the House Aviation Subcommittee held a hearing titled “The State of American Aviation and the Federal Aviation Administration” featuring testimony from FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker.

Regulatory Alert: FAA Releases UAS Detection and Mitigation ARC Report

On February 6, the FAA publicly released the final report of the UAS Detection and Mitigation Systems Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC).

Regulatory Alert: EPA Releases Proposed Rule to List PFAS Chemicals as RCRA Hazardous Constituents

On February 2, the EPA released a proposed rule that would list nine specific PFAS chemicals, including PFOA and PFOS, as “hazardous constituents” under RCRA.

Security Policy Alert: Summary of TSA Monthly Conference Call for Airport Stakeholders, February 1

On February 1, TSA held its monthly conference call for airport stakeholders.

Airport Alert: Congress Approves Third CR, Extending Federal Funding into Early March

On January 18, both the United States Senate and House of Representatives approved a continuing resolution (CR) that extends federal funding into March 2024, averting a possible government shutdown.

Regulatory Alert: AAAE Responds to FAA’s Proposed Update to “Aeronautical Activity” Definition

On January 15, AAAE responded to the FAA proposed policy that would update the definition of “aeronautical activity” to include UAS, AAM, and commercial space launch or re-entry vehicle operations.

Airport Alert: Senate Clears Extension of FAA Programs and Excise Taxes Through March 8, 2024

On December 19, the Senate cleared H.R. 6503, a bill to extend aviation programs and excise taxes through March 8, 2024.

Security Policy Alert: TSA Shares Winter Travel Security Operations Plan

On December 19, TSA shared with AAAE its updated 2023 Winter Travel Security Operations Plan, often referred to as a “placemat” for the busy holiday travel period.

Airport Alert: House Clears Extension of FAA Programs and Excise Taxes Through March 8, 2024

The House on December 11, easily passed H.R. 6503, a bill to extend aviation programs and excise taxes through March 8, 2024.

Airport Alert: AAAE Requests Action on Aviation Worker Screening and Funding for TSA and CBP

As Congress works in the weeks ahead to finalize federal spending bills for FY24, including the DHS/TSA/CBP funding measure, AAAE President and CEO Todd Hauptli has weighed in with House and Senate leaders.

Regulatory Alert: FAA Releases Final Policy on Processing Land Use Changes

On December 8, the FAA released a final policy that outlines how the agency will process and evaluate an airport sponsor’s request to use federally acquired or federally conveyed airport land for non-aeronautical or mixed-use purposes.

Regulatory Alert: EPA Submits Final Rule to Designate PFOA/PFOS as CERCLA Hazardous Substances

On December 6, the EPA submitted a draft final rule to designate two PFAS chemicals, PFOA and PFOS, as “hazardous substances” under CERCLA, known as the Superfund law, to the White House’s OMB.

Security Policy Alert: Summary of TSA's Monthly Call for Airport Stakeholders

On December 7, TSA held its monthly conference call for airport stakeholders. The conference call was led by Alan Paterno, TSA's Industry Engagement Manager for Airports in the office of Policy, Plans and Engagement (PPE).

Regulatory Alert: FAA Extends Deadline to Provide Feedback on Definition of "Aeronautical Activity"

On December 7, the FAA extended the deadline for airports and other stakeholders to respond to the agency’s proposed policy that would update the definition of “aeronautical activity.”

Regulatory Alert: FAA Releases Final Policy on Air Carrier Incentive Programs

On December 7, the FAA released a final policy statement that provides guidance to airports on how to determine if its ACIP complies with federal grant obligations, which apply to any airport that receives financial assistance through the AIP.

Airports and Industry Experts Release New Data and Strategies to Navigate Future Power Demands

AAAE, through its Airport Consortium on Transformation (ACT), has released one of the first industry reports on the state of energy transition at airports.

Hearing Report: Paul Bradbury Urges Congress to Clear FAA Bill To Avoid Disruptions in Projects

On November 30, Paul Bradbury, P.E., the Airport Director at the Portland International Jetport, urged lawmakers to complete action on a multi-year FAA reauthorization bill and described how additional delays could disrupt critical safety projects.

Regulatory Alert: AAAE Responds to Proposed Rule to Update PFC Program Regulations

AAAE responded to the FAA proposed rule that would make a series of changes to the regulations governing the passenger facility charge program.

Security Policy Alert: TSA Issues Updated FAQs on Cybersecurity Joint Emergency Amendment

TSA issued its fourth version of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Joint Emergency Amendment (EA 23-01) on Cybersecurity -- Performance Based Measures.