Airport Certified Employee (ACE) Trusted Agent Review Course

March 18-19, 2024 | LIVE ONLINE | 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET


Designed to establish a general knowledge base for airport professionals working in the airport Credentialing Office. The curriculum provides important history that helps a Trusted Agent better understand the security platform from which they now are required to work. The course focuses on understanding the complexities that have been continuously added to the requirements for vetting, issuing, tracking and auditing airport credentials and is based on Title 49 Code of Federal Regulationsā€“ 1542 series, and TSA Security Directives.

The Credentialing Office is the front door of the airport, and everyone passes through it. Trusted Agents need to clearly understand the critical nature and importance of their responsibilities, so take advantage of this unique course and earn your industry recognized Trusted Agent certification.

Why attend?

Learn from aviation professionals with extensive experience in security and credentialing
a thorough Trusted Agent and Credentialing education and use your knowledge to improve the security and efficiency at your airport
your promotional and career opportunities in the aviation field
a prestigious ACE designation and become a part of an elite group of "qualified" trusted agents


Registration is $950 for the training course.
Please noteEnrollment to the course does not include the ACE Trusted Agent Program Fee. In order to take the final examination, you must register for the ACE Trusted Agent Program Fee separately. 
Do not miss our special rate of $410 for the ACE Trusted Agent Program Fee as part of the Virtual Training purchase. You will see the discount information as you complete the registration process.
*You MUST submit the ACE Trusted Agent Program Fee to take the final certification exam.

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Kiran R. Dhanji, C.M., ACE, CEM, PMP

Program Manager
Kiji Solutions LLC
Kiran is an innovative leader with expertise in aviation, security, and public safety. As the CEO of Kiji Solutions, Kiran helps clients in the public safety and security industry manage complex business programs, balancing innovation with tangible solutions. Kiran holds a Masters in International Relations, Bachelors in Economics and Philosophy, is a Certified Member (CM) of AAAE as well as an ACE Trusted Agent and ACE Airport Security Coordinator, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Emergency Manager (CEM).