Sponsorship Information

Sponsoring the AAAE Annual Conference places your company front and center at the top events of the conference. No other sponsorship at any conference gets you the exposure with attendees like the AAAE Annual Conference. We have a diverse range of sponsorships to fit nearly any budget. Plus, you can rest assured your company is getting the most publicity per dollar anywhere!

Please note, all sessions and the exhibit hall will be hosted at the Colorado Convention Center unless otherwise noted.

Additional Forms:

If you need additional documentation before submitting payment, please see AAAE's 2023 W-9 form and our ACH wire transfer request form. With questions, please contact [email protected].

Sponsor’s Right of First Refusal:

In recognition of the sponsoring company’s support of the AAAE Annual Conference & Exposition, AAAE agrees that with respect to the following year, companies with EXCLUSIVE sponsorship will have the right of first refusal over all other potential sponsors for the same sponsorship of the same event or item, in the subsequent year.

Sponsoring companies are eligible for this right of first refusal to renew their sponsorship only if the company has exclusively sponsored an event; however, the benefits and consideration of the sponsorship may be renegotiated as necessary. Sponsor shall have 120 days following the conclusion of the AAAE Annual Conference & Exposition to renew their sponsorship for the following year. If the sponsoring company fails to notify AAAE of its intention to renew its sponsorship within the 120-day period, AAAE reserves the right to open the opportunity to the public without providing prior notice to the previous year’s sponsoring company.


In order to host a hospitality event at any venue in conjunction with the Annual AAAE Conference and Exhibition, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Exhibit with a 10’x10’ booth or larger
  • Sponsor an event or item valued at $7,500+
  • Advertise in the annual conference issue of Airport Magazine with a full-page ad
  • The purpose of hospitality suites is to entertain—displaying or demonstrating any product is strictly prohibited. In addition, hospitality suite hours cannot conflict with any scheduled AAAE function.