Social Media Contest

Sponsored by Milhouse Engineering & Construction


How to Participate

Be sure to follow AAAE and Milhouse on all accounts:

Use the official conference hashtag, #AAAEDEN, in all posts. All posts must be via Twitter and Instagram (no stories) and attendee accounts must be public during the event for tracking purposes.*

Anyone who completes all tasks will be entered to win complimentary registration to next year’s Annual Conference. Anyone who completes ten of the 14 tasks below will be entered to win the Delta Airlines gift card, and anyone who completes eight of the 14 tasks will be entered to win one of the Amazon gift cards.

Posts using the hashtag #AAAEDEN between June 3-5 will be entered to win. Winners will be drawn after the Monday keynote announced on social media Tuesday. If you are no longer at the conference when winners are announced, your prize will be mailed to you.



During the conference:

  • Visit a Denver landmark and tag a friend in a photo.
  • Post a selfie with the blue bear (big or small!).
  • Post photos with three or more exhibitors and tag their company.
  • Share a takeaway from an education session.
  • Share a post of something insightful you learned from a keynote speaker.
  • Tag three attendees who you either met onsite or have spent some time with throughout the conference.
  • Tweet or share a picture from your time at a AAAE Training Theater presentation.
  • Post a photo of yourself with an animal at the Denver Zoo from your time at the Sunday Evening Event.
  • Visit the hosts! Take a photo at Denver International’s booth and also at the host for next year’s annual conference.
  • Share a photo of yourself with a AAAE staff member in the AAAE Hub.
  • Find the Milhouse logo and share a picture of it with a thank-you for supporting the contest.
  • Take a picture of your favorite giveaway that you received from the conference.
  • After party – take a picture with an item of decor.

*Accounts may be returned to private after the conclusion of the conference.

Thanks again to the contest sponsor: