The Importance of Meaningful Development Opportunities for an Engaged & Empowered Workforce

By Hudson

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For some, it’s just a piece of paper. For others, receiving a high school or college diploma is a dream that may not have once seemed possible.

Over the years, our team at Hudson has worked to help eliminate the challenges students face when pursuing education, largely due to financial and work/life barriers. We started first with the launch of our Mario DiDomizio Excellence In Education Scholarship Program with AAAE, and then later expanded our efforts even further with Pearson, one of the world’s leading learning companies, by rolling out our free and partially funded education program, TAP Into Your Potential.

Today, there’s a lot to celebrate: More than 85 of our team members have enrolled in the TAP program and we have awarded $200,000 in Mario DiDomizio Scholarships to date.

Here’s why. In the current talent market, we know prospective hires want more than just a paycheck – it’s all about total rewards. Job-seekers are looking for companies that offer competitive compensation benefits and show that they are committed to helping their people grow and succeed both personally and professionally.

Our TAP program enables pathways of learning for everyone, from foundational learning like ESL to certifications and higher education programs, all on their own schedule. When we have team members inquire about our TAP program, it’s about advancing their career and becoming an expert in their field so that they have the knowledge and the depth to become specialized.

As a company that operates a variety of different stores, whether it’s a bookstore or one of our specialty retail brands, we want to help our people develop so that they feel empowered in their role and can eventually train others to reach that level as well. Not only does this help future-proof our workforce by improving our talent management pipelines, but it also increases our retention and reduces turnover. When team members feel engaged, we see an increase in their productivity levels and their overall loyalty, which ultimately translates to an even better experience for our travelers.

Through our work with the AAAE Foundation, we are able to foster an even deeper relationship with our team members by expanding our support to their families. Our Mario DiDomizio Scholarship is designed to bridge the higher education affordability gap for college-bound children of our team members across the U.S. and Canada. When previous scholarship winners apply again the following year, it really reaffirms to us how this scholarship is helping to fund their education.

For Hudson, these two programs provide us with the unique opportunity to bring development pathways to everyone that needs them, which is especially important to us because people are the foundation of our Destination 2027 strategy. As we continue with these efforts, we look forward to sponsoring this year’s Sunday keynote speaker, Ginni Rometty, as she discusses her book Good Power and how we can drive meaningful change across all corners of our communities.