Learn More About Centralized Deicing Facilities

Kimley-Horn was proud to serve as the Project Lead for the SEC/AAAE 2023 Commercial Airport Project of the Year—the Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority (MEM) Centralized Deicing Facility. This important project allows MEM to consolidate all deicing activities to one location, save money, increase safety for deicing personnel, and become more efficient in their deicing operations.

To deliver the country’s largest and most technologically advanced deicing facility, Kimley-Horn had to call upon our vast resources nationwide. Resources provided include project management, civil design, mechanical/electrical/plumbing design, structural design, fiber design, and project leadership of 14 specialty subconsultants.

The deicing facility design for MEM required a large amount of upfront planning to ensure delivery of the right facility for the airport’s locale. For instance, MEM gets more frozen participation/rain events instead of snow events, which results in a larger amount of precipitation impacted by the glycol (GIW) and requires storage or removal from the site. These elements require a thorough analysis of the bay occupancy times, GIW collection/storage, and the airport’s flight schedule to size the facility correctly.

Kimley-Horn is ready to assist you with unique ideas and regional needs at your airport—deicing is only one component of the vast array of airport planning, design, and construction phase services we provide for airport clients across the globe. Join our industry experts in Denver, like Vice President of Aviation David Sparkes, to learn more about centralized deicing facilities and other aviation services Kimley-Horn provides, such as airport master planning, aviation system planning, airport parking/revenue control, airside and landside design, security design, community and infrastructure resilience, and more.

Written by:

David Sparkes
Vice President