Student Resources

Below you will find helpful links, documents and information to assist you as an AAAE Academic Member, AAAE Student Chapter, or in your role as a faculty advisor.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] or 703.575.2479.
Student Chapter Manual
The AAAE Student Chapter Manual presents rules and guidance on forming and running a AAAE Student Chapter on campus.
Faculty Advisor Handbook
The primary purpose of the AAAE Faculty Advisor Handbook is to assist faculty sponsors and AAAE Student Chapter Faculty Advisors in supporting and mentoring a AAAE Student Chapter, and to provide guidance in achieving the mission of the Academic Relations Committee of AAAE, and AAAE in general. This handbook provides faculty advisors with a connection to an extensive array of resources available to them and their students. It is designed to be a supplement to the AAAE Student Chapter Resource Manual, which provides detailed guidance on the formation and administration of an AAAE Student Chapter at qualifying aviation management colleges and universities as a component of AAAE’s national organization, while complying with the specific policies and procedures of their respective academic institution.
Student Chapter Liaisons
AAAE Student Chapters have a liaison assigned to assist members in working with AAAE staff on the administration of the chapter. The student chapter liaison is an experienced airport community professional with a network of colleagues and a host of other resources to serve the needs of the faculty advisor and students. The primary role of the liaison is to foster the relationship between the student chapter and the AAAE national organization to ensure that the chapter is aware of and has access to these resources. In many cases, the liaison can provide professional or organizational advice, updates on AAAE Regional Chapter activities, establish contacts with specific industry leaders, help arrange airport visits, or assist with similar opportunities. 
If your airport or company is interested in starting an internship program please refer to the Airport Internship Program Guide below.  If your airport or company has an internship available, please contact [email protected] or visit our Career Center to post your opportunity.
Mentor Information
In the interest of providing opportunities for students to benefit from the knowledge garnered by members of the industry over many years, the AAAE Academic Relations Committee has asked the membership for volunteers willing to serve as mentors for our student members. You can sign up to work with a mentor through our Mentor Match program. Students who attend the AAAE Annual Conference will also be paired with a mentor at that time.