ACE Lighting Maintenance Virtual Review Course

July 10-13, 2023 | 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET Daily | LIVE Online Training


This course is designed to provide detailed electrical theory and proven maintenance techniques while educating and challenging airport personnel with airfield lighting maintenance responsibilities. Distinguish yourself within your field by earning this prestigious, unique certification. Receive the best possible education on safety and efficiently operating and maintaining your airfield's lighting systems by becoming an ACE today!


* This is the first comprehensive, professional certification course for airfield lighting maintenance personnel at any airport, anywhere in the nation.

* The extensive curriculum based on FAA, U.S. military and international recommendations.

* Learn from aviation professionals with extensive experience in and knowledge of airfield lighting maintenance.

* Maintain compliance with FAA AC 150/5340-26C.

* Earn a prestigious designation and become a part of an elite group of airfield lighting professionals.

* Network with colleagues from around the country and share important lighting maintenance experiences and lessons learned. 

* Receive sample test questions and formulate study groups to prepare you for the ACE Lighting final exam. Read more here about our new exam process.


$1,100 for active duty military and federal gov't employees; $1,300 for all other registrants.
*Do not miss our special rate of $410 for the ACE Lighting Program Fee. 
*You MUST submit the ACE Lighting Program Fee to take the final certification exam.

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Day 1
• The Evolution of Airport Lighting
• Overview of Airport Lighting
• The Airport Series Circuit

Day 2
• Constant Current Regulators
• Series Circuit Transformers
• Light Sources
• Runway and Taxiway Fixtures

Day 3
• Taxi Guidance Signs
• Miscellaneous Visual Aids
• Approach Lighting and Visual Approach Path Indicators
• Airport Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems

Day 4
• Safety
• Test Equipment and Measurements
• Standby Power Systems
• Maintenance Management



Seward Ford

Visual Aids Services
Windsor, CT

Seward Ford is a graduate electrical engineer and has been associated with the airport. Lighting industry for nearly 50 years. He was employed by Crouse-Hinds Airport Lighting Products for a number of years holding various positions during his tenure including Manager of Engineering and Marketing Manager. Mr. Ford is currently President of Visual Aids Services that provides various support and consulting services for the visual aids industry. He has worked on several FAA development projects including an LED RWSL system that utilized a more efficient power distribution system. He currently works as an instructor for the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Airport lighting Maintenance ACE Course and is an associate of Navaid Lighting Associates, providing specialized training and consulting in all phases of the airport lighting industry. He was technical advisor for 10 years to the United States IEC subcommittee TC 97 which is generating recognized worldwide standards for airport lighting. Mr. Ford is a member emeritus and past chairman of the Illuminating Engineering Society Airport Lighting Committee. He chaired the Illuminating Engineering Society subcommittee that formulated with FAA the industry third party testing program for certification of airfield lighting products to FAA advisory circulars qualification requirements. He has worked on the upgrading and development of various FAA Advisory Circulars and has contributed a number of technical papers during his career.


Carl S. Johnson, II, ACE

Senior Aviation Lighting Specialist
Orlando, FL

Carl Johnson is a Senior Aviation Lighting Specialist with AVCON, INC. He has fifty plus years of design, construction, and maintenance of electrical distribution systems, airfield lighting and NAVAID systems experience. For the last thirty-six years, Carl’s primary focus has been the design, construction and maintenance of airfield lighting and NAVAID systems. He is a Licensed Florida Certified Electrical Contractor and is an AAAE Airport Certified Employee (ACE) in Airfield Lighting Maintenance. Carl has provided expert testimony on the state of airfield lighting practice and safety during project mediation and litigation. Carl is knowledgeable of NFPA, NEC, FAA, IEEE, ICAO, and military (UFC) standards. Carl is a Principal Member of the NFPA 780 Technical Committee for Lightning Protection and UL STP 96 which covers activity for UL 96 and UL 96A Standards. Carl also serves on the Illuminating Engineering Society’s (IES) Airports and Heliports Lighting Committee which is responsible for ANSI/IES RP-37-20, Lighting Airport Outdoor Environments. He has also presented numerous papers on Airfield Lighting, Lightning Protection, Grounding, Bonding and Electrical Safety. He serves as an instructor for the FAC’s Basic Airfield Electrical Safety Workshop and AAAE’s Airfield Lighting Maintenance Certified Employee (ACE) program. Carl has provided electrical and safety training to engineers, contractors and maintenance personnel. Carl has been employed by AVCON, INC. since 2000. Prior to Carl’s work in the airfield lighting and NAVAID arenas, he was employed as a construction electrician. Carl worked his way through electrical management levels to become an electrical superintendent supervising as many as 75 personnel. Carl has worked in nuclear, coal and hydro power plants, industrial substations and manufacturing plants, performing electrical construction, and electrical maintenance. Carl also taught U.S. Department of Labor approved electrical apprenticeship classes for his employer. Carl is a U.S. Navy veteran.