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Do you wish you knew more about Financing in the Aviation Industry? Would you like to learn what the sources of funds are and the requirements that go along with each source? In this course you will obtain a general understanding of how airports are financed and how the finance function of the airport performs the services that they provide. You don’t have to be a CPA to understand the topics in this Finance for the Non-Finance Staff course. You’ll learn the sources of revenue, how the budgeting process works, and what to you need to know about Audits. 

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Kenneth L. Penney, Jr., A.A.E., AICP

Senior Aviation Planner
Rapid City, SD

Kent has over 30 years of experience in airport management and planning in state and local jurisdictions. Over his career he served as chief executive for a variety of airports in Arkansas, Nebraska, and Texas and as Director of the Nebraska Department of Aeronautics. Kent’s formal training is in public administration. This formal training provides Kent a framework focused on how public organizations are governed and managed which is beyond the airport industry focus where he has spent his career. In aviation planning, Kent has aided airports in the northern great plains and mountain region with Airport Master Planning, Airport Layout Plans and planning for specific zones. He also was the client for several airport master plans, heliport siting plans, state system plans, and zone plans.


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