International Aerodrome Certified Employee

Are you up to date on all the information in ICAO Annex 14? Need training? Ready to prove that knowledge? The International Aerodrome Certified Employee (IACE) course, developed by the International Association of Airport Executive (IAAE) with support from Quiport, operator of Quito International Airport, prepares you with the latest information available from Annex 14 and related documents, and provides resources that help you ensure your airport functions at the highest levels of safety and efficiency.

Take advantage of this online training to earn your IACE in as little as 7.5 hours. Pay, log in, complete the course and you’re done.

The 7.5-hour online IACE course is available in English and Spanish in an high quality online format that the student can complete on his/her own schedule. Following a final test, successful candidates will be able to print the IACE certificate and use the IACE designation.  

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Groups of five or more are eligible to receive a 10% discount. Groups must register at the same time, using this registration form, to receive the discount. Individuals who do not wish to register online also may register by completing and submitting this form.  

Training Topics

The 7.5-hour IACE online training focuses on the requirements for Aerodrome Operations, the Standards and Recommended Practices under ICAO Annex 14 with an emphasis on key operations and safety issues. Candidates will cover a variety of aerodrome topics, including:
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Aerodrome Key Elements
  • Airfield Physical Characteristics
  • Aerodrome Operations and Maintenance
  • Obstructions
  • Environmental Issues Related to Aerodrome Operations
  • Visual Aids for Navigation
  • Security Issues Related to Airport Operations
  • Emergency Planning; Emerging Issues in Aerodrome Operations

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