Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about IET-LS. Have additional questions? Ready for a demo? Contact Kyle Herbig at [email protected] or 703.797.2536


What is IET-LS?

AAAE’s Interactive Employee Training and Learning Suite (IET-LS) provides engaging, high quality training content to airports and aviation firms. Courses may be hosted using our web-based Learning Suite for tracking and reporting training results or content may be produced for an organization’s existing LMS.

Who should use IET-LS?

AAAE’s Interactive Employee Training is used by more than 110 airports across the United States to meet training requirements for Part 139 and 1542 regulations. Training may be completed in a training room environment or over the web. Courses are customized to the needs of each individual airport. Aviation firms rely on AAAE’s experience to design custom, interactive, engaging content for their unique needs.

Is IET-LS only for airports?

No. AAAE is able to help any organization with interactive, engaging content.

How is content developed?

AAAE’s production team collaborates with each airport to develop custom, interactive courses in high-definition. AAAE offers its expertise to airports in course development and best practices in e-learning techniques. However, airports are able to customize content to its unique operational and security-based needs.

How is content kept current?

Training within the airport environment is highly specialized, regulated and complex. Founded in 1928, AAAE is one of the most experienced and trusted aviation organizations in the world. AAAE has access to subject matter experts across the aviation industry and content development experts on staff with backgrounds in e-learning. Long-lasting relationships with federal transportation regulators keep AAAE ahead of impending changes to content and keep airports current with federal regulations.

How are training results tracked and reported?

Airports are provided access to AAAE’s secure, web-based IET-Learning Suite where all training results are graded and tracked in real time. The Learning Suite is centrally-managed and provides airports the ability to download results in multiple file formats. IET-LS allows airports to successfully and efficiently pass federal audits by both the Federal Aviation Administration and Transportation Security Administration with easily accessible data.  See more details on the IET Learning Suite’s features .

How is IET-LS delivered?

IET-LS can be delivered across multiple platforms, in a training room or over the web. Training results and data easily integrate with airport identity management software solutions and other common business platforms.

Can IET-LS be used to track and report content not created by AAAE?

Yes, IET-LS allows airports to import locally created content in addition to content created by AAAE.

Does AAAE supply the hardware to support IET-LS?

Yes, AAAE is able to supply and support the hardware required to implement computer-based training within airports.

How much does IET-LS initially cost?

Pricing for IET-LS courses are based upon the length of each course, the level of customization and the degree of interactivity required to develop the desired content.

Software and hardware costs are largely determined by the technical infrastructure each airport or firm requires to efficiently execute training at their location.

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Is there an annual fee to maintain IET-LS?

AAAE offers various service plans to support the software, hardware and content at each airport. Rates and service offerings vary across each level of support.

Contact AAAE for more details about our annual service and maintenance plans.

How do I learn more about IET-LS or request a demonstration?

Contact AAAE for more information or a demo.