Why IET?

Over 100 airports trust AAAE to help meet their training requirements.

IET-LS provides:
  • Courses for every airport training need
  • A flexible and scalable training and testing platform
  • A secure reporting suite for tracking and auditing results

IET-LS is a sound investment.

IET-LS saves you time and increases efficiency. IET-LS allows you to:
  • Provide consistent training to any size population, large or small
  • Deliver training from anywhere, to anywhere, whether in a training room or over the web
  • Take advantage of the dynamic reporting suite that integrates with badging applications

IET-LS has a host of features

IET-LS features include:
  • Ability to access training from any location
  • Downloadable results and reports
  • Integration with badging software
  • Violation detection and recurrent testing notifications
  • Customized control of course catalogs for each user
  • High definition video support
  • Integration of local training for consolidated reporting and auditing

    There’s a course for that.

    IET-LS has courses for every airport need. Whether it’s SIDA, Part 139 requirements, basic sterile areas or customer service, IET-LS has all that and more. IET-LS also allows you to import your own courses, or have us create courses customized to your airport.

    Call Kyle Herbig at 703.797.2536 or email kyle.herbig@aaae.org for more information on custom courses.

    For a list of current courses, download the course catalog .