Advertise in Airport Magazine

Read at 875 airports, the circulation of Airport Magazine includes more than 18,000 AAAE members and a passalong readership of 22,000+!

2020 Media Kit and Advertising Opportunities

Why Advertise in Airport Magazine?

  • AAAE’s #1-rated product!tan
  • Readership – A loyal and consistent readership for more than 30 years at some 875 airports.
  • Builds Credibility – Advertising in Airport Magazine gives a sense of legitimacy unlike other forms of advertising and other publications. Airport Magazine is a highly credible source for trusted information and that reputation transfers to our advertisers.
  • Leads/Sales – Advertising in Airport Magazine can generate leads, sales and repeat business for your organization 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Shelf Life Airport Magazine can be held in your hands and can stay in airport offices for months or years, while other media can fade away in just a few seconds.
  • Targeted MarketAirport Magazine is the flagship periodical of the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE). Advertising that is aligned with industry groups can reach a targeted market (the airport industry) that is more difficult to access for other media.
  • Build Branding – Advertising in Airport Magazine builds and solidifies brand identity, brand recognition and brand loyalty.
  • Build Positioning – As with branding, advertising in Airport Magazine positions your organization at the top of customers’ minds.
  • Invested Interest Airport Magazine readers are more engaged in the publication than other forms of media. Printed material is more thoroughly read and has fewer distractions.
  • Dedication – Advertising demonstrates your organization’s dedication to the airport industry and AAAE.
  • Creates a Bridge with Other Media – Advertising in Airport Magazine can build a bridge between print and web advertising with online versions like Airport Magazine’s Digital and Mobile/App editions.

Diversify Your Advertising Campaign with Airport Magazine’s Digital and Mobile/App Editions!

  • Cost Effectiveness – Advertising on Airport Magazine’s digital and mobile/app editions is a cost-effective way of reaching the readership.
  • Convenience – As with print, digital and mobile/app advertising is readily available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Plus, ads can be created and modified quickly.
  • Highly Interactive – Digital and mobile/app advertising is the most interactive form of media available, with vast amounts of information to keep people engaged.
  • Advertisements Options – Advertisers can create static ads, blow-in ads, videos and sponsorships to name a few. All of these, used properly, can attract a great deal of attention.
  • Relationship Building/Social – Digital and mobile/app advertising is a great forum to build relationships and take advantage of other social media networking options.
  • Growing – Currently mobile/app and video advertising is the fastest-growing segments of digital advertising.

For more information on advertising in Airport Magazine, contact Amy Trivette at 703.575.2471, or