Did you know?  The 2021 ACC/AAAE Planning, Design, and Construction (Virtual) Symposium is scheduled for March 1, 2, and 4, 2021. Be sure to register today!  And while sure, we’ll be virtual this year (so stay safe out there!), we’ve got the biggest and the very best Engineering Track planned for you yet.  (Yes, I said it:  THE BEST EVER!).
We’re going to cover some very timely updates. Come see what we have to say. Knock virtual elbows with your peers. I know you miss them (and we miss you!). Come listen in to what our great industry leaders have to share.  

What are we covering this year, you ask? Here’s a sneak peek: 

What’s New with Advisory Circulars – In this workshop, we will focus on recent significant AC updates (proposed 13B, newly minted 14D, 1M, 18G, and lessons learned on 10H) and their applications on the airfield as well as what ways today’s engineers can apply these updates in their everyday practice. This is a must-attend workshop for airside engineers!

Risking it all: How to Manage your CIP – With the impacts of the pandemic still unfolding, industry leaders are deploying more risk-based decisions in planning for the days, months, and years ahead. We are so fortunate this year to have several industry leaders present a range of risk management best practices for CIP planning and implementation in these uncertain times and conditions.
Engineering Utility Goodies – We are taking a deep dive (Ha! Get it!) into risk mitigation practices of buried utility systems. We will cover risk mitigation practices from early planning through the construction stages. Our presenters were intentionally selected to provide a perspective from an owner/user, a consultant/designer, and a supplier/vendor.  Come see and hear about their different viewpoints (Gosh, I’m killing myself!).

Rigid or Flexible – How do you like your Pavement Updates? – The world of research, however, does not stop amid the pandemic. No sir! In this workshop, we will present several timely updates to one of the oldest forms of engineering – pavement design. The latest in research and development as well as unique construction techniques will be covered by industry experts.
See the full Symposium agenda and register to join us. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in March!

Jennifer Kuchinski, P.E.
Senior Project Manager