Incident Report Writing Workshop

May 17, 2024 | 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. ET | Live Online Training


Incident report writing is a critical skill to have as an airport operations officer a security officer or a police officer. Incident reports form the basis for a narrative of what occurred during a particular event. Along with incident reports, comes their close cousins, note taking, logbook entries and incident scene investigation and interviewing. In the aviation industry, there are certain reports that are required to be filed, such as aircraft accident or incident reports, and wildlife strike database reports.

Incident reports, your notes and logbook entries become documents that can be subpoenaed in court, and you may asked to give testimony at some point in time, either in open court, or in a deposition (or both). This could happen soon after the event, or possibly years later and the only frame of reference you have is what you put into your report.

At the end of this training you will be able to:

1. Understand FAA, NTSB, and ICAO regulations pertaining to accidents
2. Demonstrate the proper methods of writing an incident report
3. Illustrate basic note taking skills
4. Apply the principles of effective report writing
5. Practice basic interviewing skills
6. Explain the legal ramifications of report writing
7. Format a report using proper grammar, spelling and format

An additional component of this course is you will understand the requirements of other agencies during an incident, related to incident management, scene security and preservation of
evidence, and be in a position to better assist response agencies and investigators in the performance of their duties. Whether this is new training for you, or refresher training, the ability to write
clear, concise and accurate incident reports is critical to your job, and to the airport.

Who Should Attend 
Operations Officers
Security Officers
Law Enforcement Officers
Emergency Management Personnel
Airport Directors


This virtual training is $265/members, $285/nonmembers and includes two sessions, as well as the session recordings.

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Jeffrey C. Price, C.M., ACE

Owner, Leading Edge Strategies / Professor, MSU Denver
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Arvada, CO

Jeff Price is a Professor at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, Department of Aviation and Aerospace Science, and the owner of Leading Edge Strategies, an airport management training company. He is considered one of the leading experts in the world in aviation security and airport safety. He is the former assistant security director at Denver International Airport, and former Airport Director of Jefferson County Airport, in Colorado (now known as Rocky Mountain Metro Airport). Jeff began his professional career as a U.S. Coast Guard Officer. He entered airport management in the Operations Department at Stapleton International Airport in 1992, where he later developed the airfield manager training programs for DEN; he was part of opening the Denver International Airport. At Jeffco Airport he served as the Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Property Management prior to being appointed the airport manager. He also served on the Colorado Aeronautics Board. Highlights and Achievements • Has a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Colorado Christian University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Professional Pilot from the Metropolitan State University of Denver, and is a commercial/instrument rated pilot. • Jeff has authored two books: -Practical Aviation Security: Predicting and Preventing Future Threats, which is the leading textbook in the industry on the subject and now in its 3rd edition. -Practical Airport Operations, Safety and Emergency Management: Protocols for Today and the Future (published 2016). • The lead Airport Security Coordinator trainer for the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE), he authored Airport Certified Employee (ACE)-Security program. • Jeff is the lead author of AAAE's Certified Member (C.M.) body of foundational knowledge for an individual to become an Accredited Airport Executive. • A certified trainer by both the Anthony Robbins Company and the FranklinCovey Corporation. -Under these companies, Jeff has trained over 2,000 Airport Security Coordinators, 800+ TSA Transportation Security Inspectors and thousands of others in airport management, emergency management and airport operations. • Jeff is a Certified Protection Professional (C.P.P.) through the American Society of Industrial Security. • Through the American Board of Certification in Homeland Security, Jeff is a Certified Aviation Security Professional (C.A.S.) and Certified Homeland Security - Level II member (CHS-II). Education: BS, Professional Pilot, Metropolitan State College of Denver, 1988 MA, Education, Colorado Christian University, 1996 Positions Held: Airport Manager, Jefferson County Airport, Colorado, 1999-2002, Assistant Security Director, Denver International Airport, 1995-1998, Intelligence Officer, USCG 1990-1992.