Airfield Maintenance 101

April 10-12, 2024 | 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. ET Daily | Live ONLINE Training


This course is designed for airport maintenance and operations personnel. New hires and individuals with minimum knowledge of airfield maintenance would benefit the most. Although all airfield personnel would benefit from a review or learning new maintenance techniques. The course provides basic regulatory discussions. This course also identifies the use of work orders, discrepancies and proper close out of these discrepancies. Assets discussed will include:

Fences and Barriers
Paved and Unpaved Surfaces
Safety Areas
  Lights, Signs, and Markings

Registration fee includes training content and presentations. Recordings of sessions will be available for review for 30 days after the course.


$595/members, $695/nonmembers

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Course Outline

• Why do we perform maintenance?
• What do we maintain?
• How do we maintain it?
Systems to protect the public
Drainage Systems
Unpaved Areas
Paved Areas, Concrete
Paved Areas, Bituminous Asphalt
• Paving joints
• Edges
• Oxidation
• Cracks, rutting, raveling, and pot holes
• Weather
• Underdrains
• Sub Surfaces
Lights - Not an electrical course
• Lenses, stems and frangible couplings
• Globes
• Broken Clips
• Missing or broken bolts
• Damaged caused by impact, weather and wildlife
• Panels
• Correct message, correct location, correct colors
• Seals, covers and frames
• Frangible couplings
• Sign bases
• Tethers
• Wildlife deterrents
Surface Painted Marking
• On Concrete and Asphalt
• Correct marking design
• Correct location, correct color, correct amount of paint/glass beads
• New Marking installation
• When and How to refresh
• When and How to replace
• Stencils
• Types of painting equipment
FAR Part 139
• Federal Law
• Certificated airports
• The law is applicable to maintenance
• Certification Maintenance
• Self Inspections
• Work orders
Self Inspection Programs
• What’s inspected
• How to conduct an inspection
• Discrepancies
• Work Order Management
FAA Annual 139 Compliance Inspection
• Inspector Authority
• Components of the inspection
• Airport’s response
• Corrective actions
• Examples of non-compliant conditions
• Close out procedures
150 Series Advisory Circulars
• Applicability of Advisory Circulars
• What is an Advisory Circular?
• Example AC’s
Case Study activities
• Response and repair plan for vehicle in airport security fence
• Address washout of unpaved surface along taxiway pavement edge
• Part 139 discrepancies - identify probably cause, corrective action, preventative measures,  and AC references



Carlton E. Braley, Jr., A.A.E.

Senior Vice President, Sales
Fortbrand Services, LLC
Hooksett, NH

Carlton Braley is the Senior Vice President, Sales Fortbrand Services, Inc. He began his career for the City of Manchester Department of Aviation April 1994 and retired from the airport in 2021. Carlton is the Academic Chairman for the International Aviation Snow Symposium, (IASS) Committee. Carlton has chaired and led the development of the International Aviation Snow Academies offered at numerous industry conventions and on-site at airports. Carlton is married to his wife Doreen; they have two daughters, Amanda and Kelly, one son Carlton III, and two grandsons.