When it comes to staying apprised of today’s security best practices and procedures – we have your back with our newly updated ACE Security and ACE Trusted Agent programs and additional security-based trainings.


Aviation security expert, Jeff Price, C.M., leads this extensive curriculum of ACE Security which is based on 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) – 1500 Series: TSA Regulations and the ICAO Annex 17. This Course not only meets the TSA 1542.3 requirements for Airport Security Coordinators (ASC)* and alternate ASC’s, but also builds upon the existing working security knowledge of aviation professionals. 

Our recently updated modules were expanded to provide:
  • new content on public area security, cybersecurity, and drone operations;
  • updates on layered security, threats to aviation, international and domestic terrorism, and airport and other agency countermeasures;
  • simplified explanations of aircraft operator security programs, particularly charter operations on general aviation airports; and more!
*Attendees of the ACE Security Review Course will also earn the ASC certificate.

ACE Trusted Agent

If you are working in a Credentialing Office, you know how complex the requirements for vetting, issuing, tracking, and auditing airport credentials are. Our ACE Trusted Agent modules are based on Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations– 1542 series and TSA Security Directives to ensure you have the knowledge to improve security and efficiency at your airport.

Our modules were recently updated to provide:

  • updates on regulatory changes, including Rap Back and Centralized Revocation Database;
  • Insider Threat and Behavior Recognition training;
  • an overview of Credentialing Office, Training, and Authorized Signatory best practices; and more!

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