FAA Announces Deadlines for Use of FY24 AIP Entitlement Funds

April 3, 2024


On April 3, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced the deadlines for submitting a notice of intent (NOI) and final grant application for the use of primary, cargo, and nonprimary entitlement funds that are available under the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) for fiscal year 2024 (FY24).
FAA has set the deadline of May 20, 2024, for each airport to (a) provide FAA with a NOI to use FY24 AIP entitlement funds, which must include the total amount the sponsor intends to use for eligible and justified projects; and (b) submit a final grant application to use FY24 entitlement funds based on bids, not estimates. Absent a NOI, FAA will carry over the available entitlement funds on June 3, 2024, and will not make them available again until the beginning of FY25.
Last month, Congress passed both a temporary extension of FAA's programs and excise taxes until May 10 and a DOT/FAA spending bill to fund the agency through the remainder of FY24. In the extension, Congress provided FAA with more than seven months of authorized funding, which translates into more than $2 billion for AIP. The notice released today does not specify whether airports are required to notify FAA of their intent to use the amount of entitlement funds that have been authorized and funded through May 10 or the total amount of entitlement funds that are expected to be available for the airport through the end of FY24. We have requested further clarification from FAA.
AAAE has developed a one-page overview of the various grant programs and funds being administered by FAA, including relevant timelines, to help airports navigate the opportunities available for infrastructure funding. You can view the updated overview here.