Committees play a vital role in advising our elected and volunteer leaders on specific issues facing airports today, as well as working with the AAAE team to develop new member initiatives. All AAAE members, including corporate staff, are encouraged to make their voice heard by volunteering for one or more committee.

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Academic Relations Committee

Academic Relations

The mission of the Academic Relations Committee is to strengthen the relationship between regional AAAE chapters and the AAAE student chapters within their respective geographic areas, to cultivate intern and co-op programs, and to develop new student chapters.

Air Service Committee

Air Service

The mission of the Air Service Committee is to monitor and coordinate all AAAE activities regarding the impact of airline economics on airport management and air service competition issues, including pilot shortage and aviation workforce challenges.


The mission of the Corporate Committee is to foster communication, participation, and value with corporate members and AAAE.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The mission of the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee is to further the advancement of all underrepresented communities throughout the aviation sector, with a focus on education and advocacy in airport management and supporting industries.

Environmental Services Committee

Environmental Services and Sustainability

The mission of the Environmental Services and Sustainability Committee is to work with AAAE staff to provide support to AAAE members on environmental issues and to communicate the membership's positions to FAA, EPA, and other relevant and appropriate federal or state agencies.

Facilities and Technical Services Committee

Facilities and Technical Services

The mission of the AAAE Facilities and Technical Services (FATS) Committee is to: (1) identify emerging technical trends and technologies in the airport industry; (2) track legal issues and legislation regarding new “disruptive” businesses affecting airports; and (3) review FAA guidance regarding airport facilities.

Federal Affairs

Federal Affairs

The mission of the Federal Affairs Committee is to support the work of AAAE's Legislative, Transportation Security Policy, and Regulatory departments in Washington on behalf of your airport and the aviation industry.

Finance and Administration

The mission of the Finance and Administration Committee is to improve airport finance and administration management through interaction with, and communications among, airport management members and other partners in the aviation industry.


The mission of the AAAE Foundation Committee is to promote and enhance public understanding and awareness of the importance of advancing continuing education to the airport management profession, and to provide assistance through scholarships to encourage individual academic excellence.

General Aviation Committee

General Aviation

The mission of the General Aviation Committee is to provide information to, and promote the interest of, the general aviation airport community, and foster its relationship with airport management members and other partners in the aviation industry.

Industrial Aviation/Military Relations

The mission of the Industrial Aviation/Military Relations Committee is to foster and create professional development opportunities of mutual benefit to the civil airport management profession and AAAE's military members; assist AAAE's military members in achieving a successful transition to the civilian airport management profession; promote the merits of and advocate for the interests of industrial aviation within a national system of civil airports; and identify issues and advocacy agenda items associated with military missions and operations at civil airports.

Leadership Development

The mission of the Leadership Development Committee is to operationalize the AAAE Pathways to Engagement model with the objective of developing leaders with broad knowledge of the airport/aviation industry and the AAAE organization that are engaged, collaborative, creative, and committed to the highest professional standards and competencies.

OSPEM Committee

Operations, Safety, Planning, and Emergency Management (OSPEM)

The mission of the OSPEM Committee is to provide member views, analyses, and comments used by AAAE staff in the development of AAAE positions and formal correspondence with Congress and federal agencies; facilitate discussion, collaboration, and sharing of airport best practices and case studies; and develop professional programs and services for the airport community on those issues related to airport operations, safety, planning, and emergency management.


The mission of the Training Committee is to advise the AAAE Board and staff about appropriate and relevant airport training activities including on-site airport training programs, curriculum development, and computer-based training programs, and to connect airports nationwide with training solutions and opportunities that serve known and emerging needs.

Transportation Security Services

The mission of the Transportation Security Services Committee is to monitor and coordinate aviation security issues that impact airport management through interaction with the Transportation Security Administration, Homeland Security Department, and our partners in the aviation industry.

Young Professionals (YoPro)**

The YoPro Committee is committed to providing career development, networking, and educational opportunities for the next generation of airport professionals, and to bridge the gap between current and future aviation leaders.

*All AAAE Corporate Member staff are invited to participate in the Corporate Committee, however, only one (1) representative of each company is designated as the "voting member." Please contact the AAAE staff with questions regarding your company's "voting member."

**The AAAE Young Professionals Committee is open to all current AAAE members 35 and under.