the Strengths of Airports and Partners

AAAE is dedicated to delivering groundbreaking solutions for airports through its Airport Consortium on Transformation (ACT) program. ACT unites leading airports and industry solution providers with a proactive commitment to ACTion! The Consortium remains at the forefront of deploying innovative solutions throughout the aviation sector, offering ample opportunities for airports to explore research and pilot new technologies. This facilitates a reimagination of the airport experience and the enhancement of operational efficiencies.

Originally established as a consortium to address challenges arising from the pandemic, the current version of ACT now centers its efforts on comprehensive airport transformation. The ACT Airport CEO Steering Group, led by Chad Makovsky, A.A.E., IACE, Director of Aviation Services at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and Chris McLaughlin, Executive Vice President of Operations at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, serves as a dedicated forum for airport executives. 
Together, airport leadership teams coordinate to identify and address the industry’s most significant challenges. These collaborative efforts result in the formation of various ACT task forces, where airport and corporate members collaborate to devise solutions. This collaborative spirit propels ACT to the forefront as the premier forum of airport innovation.

Key initiatives driven through the program include Accessibility & Transportation Equity, Advanced Air Mobility, Airport Digitization, Innovations in Finance, Sustainable Aviation Fuel and Sustainability & Resiliency. The findings of the Consortium’s research are open to public access.

The Airport Consortium on Transformation (ACT) Program is focused on evaluating, coordinating, and launching programs in airports to accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions. The collaborative efforts between airport members and corporate partners have allowed the industry to rapidly share results and implement new technologies.