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Welcome to ACT

ACT's collaborative framework enables airport leadership teams to work together seamlessly, identifying and addressing the industry's most pressing challenges. This collaborative approach fosters the creation of specialized ACT task forces, where airport and corporate members unite their expertise to develop innovative solutions. These task forces are pivotal in transforming ideas into actionable strategies, ensuring that ACT remains at the forefront of airport innovation.

By nurturing a spirit of cooperation and leveraging the collective knowledge of its members, ACT continues to lead the way in airport transformation. The consortium's efforts not only enhance operational efficiency but also elevate the overall passenger experience, solidifying ACT's reputation as the premier forum for airport innovation.

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Key Initiatives of the ACT program

The ACT CEO Steering Group has played a pivotal role in defining the future direction of the Consortium. Through collaborative efforts, our airport leaders have identified four key focus areas that will shape ACT's roadmap for 2024.

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Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging AI technologies to optimize airport operations and improve decision-making processes.


Airport Digitization

Embracing cutting-edge technology to enhance airport operations and the passenger experience.


Airport Electrification/Ground Fleet Conversion

Transitioning airport ground fleets to electric vehicles to reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainability.


Advanced Air Mobility

Exploring innovative solutions for the air transportation network and integrating them into airport infrastructure.

Upcoming Event

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ACT Air Mobility Showcase:
Joby Aviation Open House

August 22, 2024 | Joby Aviation at Marina Municipal Airport | Marina, CA

Explore the future of air transportation at Joby Aviation's eVTOL showcase. Discover how these electric aircraft are designed to ease urban congestion, reduce travel times, and offer a sustainable alternative to traditional transportation methods.

Airport Members

Airport members partner with corporate cornerstone partners and development leaders and act as subject matter experts in the evaluation, scoping, and implementation of innovative solutions.

Corporate Cornerstone Partners

Industry-leading organizations vet the categories and types of technologies and services needed to respond to the Airport Steering Group's priorities. Cornerstone partners designate representatives who lead ACT focus areas. Cornerstone partners participate in all dialogue with airport leadership, small groups, and the membership at large.

Development Leaders

The Development Leaders are the essential and established experts on practical, proven, scalable, and sustainable solutions that will endure. Those technology providers and consultants that want to test and pilot NEW programs and technology will present their solutions addressing an area defined by the Cornerstone Partners to the Airport Steering Group.

Contributing Members

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AAAE’s Airport Consortium on Transformation is focused on evaluating, coordinating, and launching programs in airports to accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions. The collaborative efforts between airport members and corporate partners have allowed the industry to rapidly share results and implement new technologies.

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