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Expanding on the solution developed by SFO, AAAE's commitment to delivering service, innovation, and results to our nation's airports brings you the App-Based Transportation (ABT) Clearinghouse.

ABT is a comprehensive solution that provides airports with real-time access to TNC activity happening on airport property, facilitating curbside compliance, data analytics, and accounting reconciliation.

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Airport Coalition

Airport ground transportation has undergone a paradigm shift with many airports now reporting that TNC activity makes up a larger proportion of their operations than legacy modes of transportation such as rental cars and taxis. The ABT service is more than just a TNC solution; it's a community of airports working toward common standards and approaches to TNC management challenges to ensure airport needs are met as TNCs continue to shape the future of ground transportation.

Consisting of large, medium, and small hub airport members, the ABT Advisory Council meets on a monthly basis to provide updates on the program, facilitate dialogue between members, and analyze new trends in the industry.

How Can We Help?

We understand that no two airports are alike and provide options to meet local airport business requirements and needs. We provide a scalable and customizable solution with a fee structure that meets the local operating needs of each airport.

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Sarah Pilli

Sarah Pilli

Vice President, AAAE Services

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