Leadership Development Committee

The mission of the AAAE Leadership Development Committee is to operationalize the AAAE Pathways to Engagement model with the objective of developing leaders with broad knowledge of the airport/aviation industry and the AAAE organization that are engaged, collaborative, creative and committed to the highest professional standards and competencies. The Committee will plan, organize, direct, and coordinate their work with the Chapter Professional Development/Leadership Development Officers as well as with the Board of Examiners, Academic Relations, Young Professionals, and Corporate Committee members, and the Nominating Committee to ensure a holistic and coordinated approach to leadership development within AAAE and its Chapters. The Committee will annually report on its activities and recommend operating and capital budget resources at the national level to implement leadership development initiatives and related activities.

Members of the Leadership Development Committee are appointed. While members may not sign up to join the Leadership Development Committee, your feedback is welcome. Please contact the Chair and/or staff liaisons.

Committee Leadership and Liaisons

Craig Williams, A.A.E.

Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport

Alice Bimrose, A.A.E., ACE

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Catherine Cronin


Ben DeCosta, A.A.E.

DeCosta Consulting, LLC

Casey Denny, A.A.E.

Columbus Regional Airport Authority

Charlie Goodwin, A.A.E.

Columbus Regional Airport Authority

Don Green, Jr., A.A.E.

Abilene Regional Airport

Judi Olmstead, A.A.E.

Myrtle Beach International Airport

John Parrott, A.A.E.

King County International Airport

Paul Priegel, A.A.E.


Jorge Roberts


Nick Ryan, PMP


Zach Sundquist, A.A.E.

Portland International Jetport

Abhaya Tripathi, C.M., ACE

Allegheny County Airport Authority

Gwen Basaria

Staff Liaison

Jacky Sher Raker

Staff Liaison

Pat Raker

Staff Liaison