Serve on the AAAE Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Committee officers, twelve regionally elected Directors, six nationally elected Directors (three of which must be Executive Members (A.A.E) and three may be be either Executive Members or Certified Members), and two nationally elected Corporate Directors, for a total of 26 Directors.

All members of the Board of Directors, with the exception of the two nationally elected Directors who are Corporate Members, must be employed full-time by an airport or aviation authority, as stated in ARTICLE II, SECTION 2 of the AAAE Bylaws.

Why serve on the AAAE Board of Directors?

Serving as a member of our Board of Directors enables you to become an integral part of charting the course for the future of the airport industry while making your voice heard on the critical issues facing airports today.

Professional Benefits

Expand your knowledge base and skill set as you engage with senior airport leaders around the country and learn more about our operating model, advocacy efforts, and services. It can also enhance your professional network beyond your existing region of influence. Your airport will also gain valuable knowledge and experience as a direct result of your service.

Personal Benefits of Being a Nonprofit Board Director

Learning how to help shape the future of our member community as well as the airport industry can be a huge source of pride and satisfaction. The connections you will form as a dedicated leader will stay with you beyond your service and may assist you at other points in your career.

When Are Elections Held?

Elections are held annually during the Annual AAAE Conference and Exposition.


Nominees for the National Board of Directors Must:

  • Be active in full-time public airport management, and
  • Have the support of their airport for the time and travel requirements to attend the three annual Board of Directors meetings.

Nominees for Secretary/Treasurer Must:

  •  Have completed at least one full term (two years minimum) as a member of the Board of Directors, 
  • Be an active A.A.E., employed in full-time public airport management, and 
  • Have the support of their airport for the time and travel requirements to attend the three annual Board of Directors meetings.

How to Nominate Yourself or a Colleague

Each nomination must be submitted individually, with all of the required documents attached to a single email or included in one envelope.


The following documents are required for each National Director and Secretary/Treasurer nomination:

  1. Resume – no more than two pages,
  2. A written statement, on airport letterhead, from the nominated individual acknowledging the nomination for a National Director or Secretary/Treasurer position, and
  3. A written statement from the individual airport supporting the nomination and the travel requirements for the three annual Board of Directors meetings.

In addition, National Director applicants must submit a pre-recorded video interview. 
For Secretary/Treasurer candidates, nominees from the regional chapters, At-Large, or self-nominated, shall be equally considered by the Nominating Committee. Consideration will be given to job mobility from region to region and diversity (gender, ethnicity, airport size, management level, etc.) for Secretary/Treasurer candidates, as well as service within AAAE, leadership, etc. 
Nominations and supporting documentation will be provided to the members of the 2025 AAAE Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will recommend a slate of officers and directors for consideration and voting by the full membership during the business meetings at the 2025 Annual Conference to be held June 8-10, 2025 in Atlanta, GA.

More information will be posted on the due dates for the 2025 nominations.