ACE - Security

Designed to establish a general knowledge base for airport professionals working in the fluid security environment. The program is an extensive curriculum based on 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) – 1500 Series: TSA Regulations and the ICAO Annex 17. The Course not only meets the TSA 1542.3 requirements for Airport Security Coordinators (ASC)* and alternate ASC’s, but also builds upon the existing working security knowledge of aviation professionals. Take advantage of this unique program and earn your comprehensive security certification today. Designed for aviation personnel tasked with security responsibilities from the airport, air carrier, indirect air carrier and general aviation sectors.

* If taking part in the self-study program, ASC certification does not apply. One must take part in an ACE Security Review Course in order to be eligible for an ASC certificate. 


  • Learn from aviation professionals with extensive experience in and knowledge of airport credentialing and security
  • Increase your promotional and career opportunities in the aviation field
  • Obtain extensive knowledge  of airport security and working in a fluid security environment
  • Earn a prestigious ACE designation and become a part of an elite group of airport security specialists

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Download the ACE registration form here

Attend a Course

Attend the next ACE Airport Security Course to engage with our instructor, Jeff Price, C.M., ACE and other aviation professionals. By attending a course, you will be immersed in the content, which will help you learn and retain the information you need you pass the exam and earn your ACE Security certification.

Upcoming Courses

  • In Person
  • Virtual - May 13-16, 2024

Inquire here or visit Events Calendar for more information about upcoming courses. 


How can you earn this prestigious and unique designation? Follow these steps:


  1. Choose which ACE Program you'd like to pursue. 
  2. Pay the ACE program fee of $510. (Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.)
  3. Indicate whether you would like to complete the self-study program or attend a review course.
  4. After being accepted into the program, you will receive a welcome email with detailed instructions on how to become an ACE. Your course modules will be sent to you electronically when AAAE has received payment. Exceptions may be made for those attending review courses. 
  5. Complete the self-study program and pass the online exam. Strategies for Studying and Passing the Exam
  6. Sign-up for a review course, including the final exam.  Search Events Calendar for review course dates and locations.


Are individuals required to become members of AAAE to enroll in an ACE program?

No. Individuals are not required to become members of AAAE to enroll in the ACE programs.

If I am already enrolled in one ACE program, do I need to pay another ACE program fee for another ACE program?

Yes. Individuals will have to pay a separate program fee of $510 for each ACE program of interest.

Does the ACE program count toward any portion of the AAAE Accredited Airport Executive (A.A.E.) or Certified Member (C.M.) programs?

Although the ACE program may help candidates prepare for particular modules in the other certification programs, ACE is not affiliated with the C.M. and A.A.E. programs.

How is the ACE program different from the AAAE/FAA Airport Safety and Operations Specialist (ASOS) Schools?

The ASOS Schools are designed as an overview to FAR Part 139, as well as a recurrent training tool for airport operations personnel. The ACE - Operations Certification, a lengthier course, is designed to provide comprehensive training and professional designation for those who chose to become certified as airport operations professionals. ACE - Operations will reflect information applicable to all FAR Part 139 airfields and information that is specific to the airfield of an individual student. Unlike an ASOS, ACE candidates will be required to pass an online examination with a passing score of 70% (100 multiple choice, true/false, and fill-in-the blank questions).

How many questions are on the test?

There are 100 multiple choice questions on the exam. Candidates have up to 2 hours to complete the exam.

Are there any supplemental classes that I can take to assist me with the test?

Yes. Though candidates can opt to study and take the exam on their own, AAAE offers several review courses for many of the ACE programs throughout the year.  The courses last between 2-4 days with the final exam on the last day of class. Professional and experienced instructors will cover all of the course materials in detail, providing an excellent opportunity for students to ask questions and understand the material better. There is a separate registration fee for the review course that is NOT included in the ACE program fee. For more information on review courses dates and locations, please view Events Calendar.

When and how can I take the AAAE online examination?

The online exam must be taken within 26 months of enrollment date into the program. A minimum of two weeks' notice is required for all exams. Candidates can schedule their exams here. A computer with a webcam, internal microphone and internet connection is required for all exams. You must review the exam instructions and guidelines prior to scheduling an exam. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in AAAE invalidating your exam.

Who may proctor the examination?

All exams are now administered through a secure online platform, and a live proctor is no longer needed. All sessions will be recorded to ensure that candidates follow the rules and guidelines set forth for all certification exams. 

How long will it take to receive the test results?

Under usual circumstances, candidates will receive an email with a Pass/Fail indication, soon after they complete the exam. Within one week from exam completion, the exam session will be reviewed for any impropriety. Upon finding none, a full results report and exam score will be emailed to the candidate. Those who pass will receive an official exam transcript, certificate and pin in the mail, approximately two weeks after the exam date. Those who fail will receive retake information along with their emailed results report.

If I don't pass, how many times may I retake the examination?

All candidates can take the online examination as many times as it is necessary to successfully complete it. A $75 retake fee is required for all additional exam attempts. Candidates can pay for the exam retake here.

Ways to Learn

Live Classroom Training

All AAAE training topics and certification programs can be taught live in-person for airport/corporate employees. These courses for the certification programs (ACE, A.M.F., C.M.) offer very extensive reviews of the program materials and incorporate many methods of learning including: quiz questions, teach-to-learns, case studies, and Jeopardy-style games. A calendar of upcoming review courses can be found here. Don't see a course for your topic of interest? You can find a full list of topics here. If you have several employees who would like to attend one of our trainings, why not bring it to your airport? For more information on hosting a training at your airport/organization contact the Training Department. Trainings can be customized, so if you are interested in a training that you don't see listed, just ask.

Live Virtual Training

Virtual trainings are now being held for many of the AAAE certification programs. These are abbreviated reviews of the certification modules to help candidates understand the most complex areas of the program. Check out Events Calendar for upcoming courses. 


Once the program fee is paid, candidates can study for the specified certification exam, at their own pace, with PDFs or hard copies of the body of knowledge modules for that program. Candidates will receive a welcome email with program information and a link to the study materials, approximately 24 hours after registration (provided all eligibility requirements are met). Hard copies of the study materials for each program can be ordered here for an additional fee. Once you are ready, you can schedule your exam online (fees may apply). All exams will be taken on a remote proctoring platform. A computer with a webcam, internal microphone and internet access is required. Exams should be scheduled 2 weeks in advance. Please review the exam instructions and guidelines prior to scheduling your exam. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in AAAE invalidating your exam.